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Keeping Americans Safe !!!!!!

Keeping Americans working !!!!!!


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Work Hours:    Monday - Friday     8 - 5  E.S.T.


Harkins Safety
6206 Kahler Hill Road

Little Valley, New York 14755

Harkins Safety will work to bring you a commitment to service and quality with copyrighted motivational industrial work place safety banners, posters and signage as we have for the past 67 years. Harkins Safety will continue to be a small family owned business servicing the safety needs of all size and types businesses.

                Thank you

                Harkins Safety 

Safety Banners, Posters and More!

We Specialize In Custom Banners and Posters !

Over 420 Different Safety Banners In Stock To Choose From !!

Largest Selection Of Industrial Safety Banners

  •  Huge Selection of Giant 10' Work Place Safety Banners With Premium Graphics and Messaging
  • Huge Selection of Junior 5' Work Place Safety Banners With Premium Graphics and Messaging

  • We Have Vertical Work Place Safety Banners With Premium Graphics and Messaging

  • Custom Banners, Posters, Signage, Stickers and More!!
  •   Over 335 Different Safety Posters to Choose From
  • Custom Safety Signage
  • FACTS Folders - The Informative Pamphlet With a Safety Message (*While Supplies Last)

  • Mini Safety Banner Stickers

  • Specialty Items To Build Your Work Safety Incentive Program.

  • Widest Selection Of Industrial Safety Banners !

  • Let Our Talented Graphic Artists Create Custom Banners, Posters, Signage and More For Your Facility

At Harkins, your safety communications partner, you get hundreds  of copyrighted postive-message safety banners, safety posters, stickers, and FACTS folders, our exclusive, informative safety pamphlet. Whether your goal is building an industrial workplace safety program, instilling a safety culture at work, or reducing accidents and incidents at work, Harkins Safety gives you the tools. We specialize and will partner with you to customize your own safety banners, posters, stickers and more to display your company safety message and company logo.


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